Independent Health Care

Health care in a country as poor as Haiti represents a severe challenge. There are many local Haitian institutions and medical missions to Haiti that are dedicated to the attempt to meet the basic health needs of Haiti. Most, if not all, are based upon American and European medical models, using Western medications and techniques to treat disease. Although there is no question that this model has been successful in developed countries, it has not adapted well to impoverished countries. Western medicine is based upon a model of unlimited resources and unlimited expectations. Neither is available in Haiti. Therefore a better model is needed.

Throughout Haiti, permanent and traveling health care services attempt to supply health care using Western medicine. This model suffers from:

  • lack of money for expensive Western medicines,
  • lack of medicine for chronic conditions, such as hypertension, heart failure and diabetes, and
  • lack of continuing health care

To address these problems, a health care system is needed that is inexpensive, self-sustaining and locally administered. Several years ago, the UN proposed that local health care delivery could be improved if there was a greater emphasis on traditional health systems in countries that could not support Western medicine. Unfortunately, this approach has not been pursued.

Independent Health Care - Haiti is dedicated to bringing self-sustaining health care to Haiti. To be self-sustaining, we want to deliver health care that is:

  • inexpensive,
  • easily available,
  • readily acceptable to all most Haitians, and
  • delivered by local care givers.

Independent Health Care - Haiti proposes that evidence-based naturopathic medicine is the best answer to achieving these goals. We are developing pilot programs throughout Haiti for the implementation of health care clinics run by local inhabitants using locally grown herbs, These clinics will be supplemented with Western medicines, such as antibiotics, as needed.

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